Size Matters

Mowing is not a one size fits all industry. Obstacles, grade changes, and pedestrians are among the many variables with which our crews navigate through each day. Having the option of 5 different cutting widths increases our adaptability to the landscape we find ourselves in.



Our Exmark Turf Tracer walk behind mower specializes in steep areas which enables us to reach challenging areas yet still leaves your yard with the beautiful striping pattern.  While featuring a 52″ deck, the Turf Tracer holds to hillsides in areas where a riding mower is impossible.

There are times when productivity and size needs to be maximized. It is during these conditions when our Exmark Lazer Z delivers. Featuring a 72″ cutting width and 12mph top cutting speed, the machine can cut over 8.5 acres per hour!

During our residential stops, we typically use a 52″ Exmark Lazer Z or a 52″ Turf Tracer. If there is a fenced in area, in which a 52″  mower is not accessible, we have 30″ and 21″ push mowers which deliver top quality cuts.


Our wide range of mower sizes can also be very benificial when it comes to wet areas in the yard. The smaller mowers are the ‘go-to’ for yards that may have some soggy areas. Since their weight is less it is less likely to leave ruts in the yard.


One Comment on “Size Matters

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