Getting it Straight

Creating a distinction between turf and the hardscape gives us an edge………



Our crews come equipped with the proper tools to make sure that your lawn gets properly serviced. One area of the service includes edging the paved perimeter of the lawn.

Edging the turf on a weekly basis, creates a defined edge between grass and paved surfaces.


Edging takes the yard to the next level in the quality and greatly improves the look of the lawn. When we edge we simply run a rotary  blade along the edge of the sidewalks or parking lots creating a clean, straight edge instead of the overhanging grass. When servicing residential customers, J.Jacobs edges every time the yard is mowed. The more often we edge, the easier it becomes to maintain an edge. We are supplied with two types of edgers at J. Jacobs. For smaller residential areas our stick edger is used which is powered by a Stihl two-stroke engine. When met with larger areas needing to be edged, our walk behind edger featuring a 5.5 hp Honda engine is used.



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