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We are now offering seasonal display! We are ready to help with your planters/pot, patios, porches, annual plantings and mums.

The following is a brief presentation of our commercial properties. Our crews enjoy mowing, pruning, and caring for these Central Illinois establishments. This is not a complete list, but highlights some of our area commercial customers.




As we look forward to a new season, it is important to take a hard look at our equipment and our fleet. The tools we work with everyday, need to be dependable so that there is not wasted ‘down time’ during the season. Our crews are outfitted with many gas powered tools. We categorize them into 3 different areas; handhelds, walk-behind, and ride-on.
The handhelds are comprised of string trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers, and chainsaws. To keep things consistent for the user, we use all Stihl branded handhelds.
The second category is our walk-behind equipment. Tools such as an sidewalk edger, pressure washer, push mower, and turf cutter, make up this group. Again for consistency, we try to purchase all equipment with Honda brand engines.

21" Honda push mower

21″ Honda push mower

The third and last category of equipment is our ride-on equipment. At this point, zero-turn mowers, make up the bulk of this group. Other equipment such as an fertilizer applicator, contribute to this group as well. We have found that Exmark branded products, give quality performance and reasonable service to our demands and expectations.

Exmark zero-turn mowers are used on all our properties.

Exmark zero-turn mowers are used on all our properties.

It is key that all our equipment is functioning properly when we need it.  We work closely with Exmark dealers and our area Exmark Representative to keep the best products on the job.


Jeremy Knecht (middle) stands with Exmark Representative (left) and Sales Rep. at Martin Sullivan Equipment.

Providing our crews with industry specific trucks is our largest equipment investment.  We have found that providing late model vehicle increases efficiency, safety, and overall appearance of the fleet. Isuzu mid-sized trucks are our primary work trucks. The design of these trucks eliminate the need to pull a trailer which is a huge benefit. Trucks can be loaded with up to 3 riding mowers, and all the handhelds, that a 3 man crew would need. In addition to mowing, the Isuzu trucks are used for Lawn Care Applications, and are ideal  for any side load uses.


Jeremy with Isuzu sales representative at Lee Smith Trucks in Chattanooga, TN. This Isuzu truck was purchased in summer of 2015.



As the summer season is in full swing, we want to take time to be thankful for the many Blessings we enjoy in the USA. The birthday of our Independence, and the opportunity of Freedom is a special day for all Americans. Our crew participates Eureka’s small-town Fourth of July Parade.  This is a great opportunity for small businesses to reach out to the community and help celebrate our Freedom.


The busiest time of the season is upon us, and our crews are keeping our properties looking great. Spring rains, and warm temperatures, have helped to make the grass go into overdrive. Not only is the grass growing and looking great, but all the pesky weeds in the planting beds, are thriving in the humid weather.  Our crews are equipped with the correct equipment and products to fight these weeds and erraticate them from any property.

Mowing is not a one size fits all industry. Obstacles, grade changes, and pedestrians are among the many variables with which our crews navigate through each day. Having the option of 5 different cutting widths increases our adaptability to the landscape we find ourselves in.



Our Exmark Turf Tracer walk behind mower specializes in steep areas which enables us to reach challenging areas yet still leaves your yard with the beautiful striping pattern.  While featuring a 52″ deck, the Turf Tracer holds to hillsides in areas where a riding mower is impossible.

There are times when productivity and size needs to be maximized. It is during these conditions when our Exmark Lazer Z delivers. Featuring a 72″ cutting width and 12mph top cutting speed, the machine can cut over 8.5 acres per hour!

During our residential stops, we typically use a 52″ Exmark Lazer Z or a 52″ Turf Tracer. If there is a fenced in area, in which a 52″  mower is not accessible, we have 30″ and 21″ push mowers which deliver top quality cuts.


Our wide range of mower sizes can also be very benificial when it comes to wet areas in the yard. The smaller mowers are the ‘go-to’ for yards that may have some soggy areas. Since their weight is less it is less likely to leave ruts in the yard.