In the landscaping world, it is all about making things look good. The customer’s yard needs to look perfect and professionally maintained. There are four different things that contribute to perfect residential lawn mowing event. An attractive yard must have distinctive stripes, edged sidewalks, carefully trimmed obstacles, and paved surfaces free from clippings and debris to give it a clean and completed look. The motto of J.Jacobs Grounds Management is “Maintaining Landscape of the Highest Quality” and the only way the company can live up to their motto is to fulfill the four tasks mentioned above. One of the most important aspects in making a customer’s yard look professionally mowed is crisp stripes in the turf.


Stripes must be straight and consistently spaced.  Every time the yard is mowed it should be striped a different direction insuring that the grass not to get matted down. J.Jacobs Grounds Management puts a lot of focus on making perfect stripes. The employees continue to practice their striping technique until they get it perfect. When driving by a house, the first thing noticed is the stripes in the grass. Having professional striping improves the curb
appeal of a house.


J.Jacobs goes a step above the rest and gets creative in their stripes. Instead of just alternating between horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes, J.Jacobs is also capable of doing other more complex designs.

From looking at the lawns mowed by J.Jacobs it is evident that the company understands the importance of attractive stripes on a customer’s lawn.

The second component of an attractive lawn is edging the sidewalks.  When J.Jacobs edges the sidewalks of their properties it improves the quality and look of a lawn. Please visit our post at Getting it Straight to learn more.

String trimming is cutting the grass that you cannot reach with the mower. This makes it look like everything is mowed. It insures that there is not a circle of tall grass left around a sign or pole. J.Jacobs string trims around trees, electric boxes, signs,culverts, and anything else in the yard.  J.Jacobs sets time aside at each house to string trim. They make sure that all of the grass is cut at the same length and that nothing is missed. Carrying out this task improves the curb appeal of a house.


The last service, built in to each mowing event, is clearing the sidewalks and paved surfaces of debris. Grass clippings, leaves, and dirt accumulate on these surfaces during the week and during our mowing service. We strive to clear all surfaces before leaving your property, providing you an clean outdoor living space.